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June 27, 2010


I had a miserable month too. But just when I think I can't take it, something happens to help me lift my mood. What makes me smile? A kid on the subway this morning talking to her Hello Kitty umbrella.

Sorry to hear life has been rought, it seems the patches some and go. :)

Beautiful lo! I will definitely be following it!

My daughter's smile:.." a child's laugh is the sound of joy" :-)))

So sorry you've had an ookey few weeks. No fun. When life starts getting out of control like that, it is a good idea to take in the details. The simple things that make one smile. For me, it's seeing a doggie with its head out a car window getting good sniffs. The way my kitty sticks her pinky toe out when she's grooming herself. The smell of citrus and sleeping on freshly washed linens. And, of course, looking at your wonderful LO's. You already know I'm a huge fan of your work... so it's awesome that you're giving away a little bit of your stash in an effort to make someone else smile.

OK guys, Im completely blown away by the number of comments.

Its 12am on Sunday night, exactly a week now, and the giveaway is closed.

Thank you so so much for all the comments and I will post the winner very very soon.


Wow.. totally gorgeous blog candy from a gorgeous soul. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to be a part of it. What makes me smile? Waking up to find my little girls nose, just an inch from mine as she peers down at me... just waiting for that second that i open my eyes so she can whisper that she loves me most in the world! (That is what has made me smile this morning.. anyway)

Firstly Steph I am so sad to here you have been having a rough time of it lately but pleased to read you are pulling yourself up out of the mire as we speak. :~) My two dogs keep me smiling, like having children but they don't answer back :~) also you may laugh but while I sit here and write to all my scrapbook friends I always sit and smile, I noticed this some months back and thought I must be gong crazy but I like to think somewhere on the other side of the ocean someone is smiling right back in reply, what do you think? ;~)

Take care

BIG HUGS to YOU!! I hope July brings you a fresh start!! You are such an amazing artist! What makes me smile is waking up and knowing every day truly does bring me a fresh start! Optimism and Opportunity await you EVERY SINGLE day!

Hi Steph,
Sorry to hear life has been so difficult lately. I think the new fresh start for July is a GREAT idea! What makes me smile are the antics of my daughters. Sure, they fight daily too, and I want to run away to Hawaii and leave them here (kidding, of course...sorta), but they also can be very sweet with each other and FUNNY! Just the other day Erin got frustrated I was giving too much attention to Paige, and so she threw herself away! And then she was STUCK in the trash can. I mean STUCK. I laughed until I cried. And then I took pictures and made a scrap LO! LOL Oh, yeah, I did eventually manage to pull her out as well.
Hope life has more ups than downs for you with the start of July. Thanks for the chance to win all of the goodies. If I'm picked I promise to squeal and smile. :) Wendy

Hi Steph, thanks for givin' me a change to win this gorgeous yummy stuff! I'm sorry to hear you had some bad weeks, well I can tell you, happiness and sadness are always close together. What makes me happy is when I take my son f.e. to the pettingfarm and he has this big smile on his face and his eyes are glowing and shining, that makes me happy to see him happy!

you know what? i haven't had the greatest couple of weeks ever, so what has really made me smile is my dad. whenever i'm down, he just knows it even if i don't say anything, and talking to him always brightens my day because he'll make a joke or say something that he knows will make me laugh/happy. family is the most important thing in the world!

thanks for the chance to win! xo

ps: that layout is seriously INCREDIBLE!

Dear Steph... I hear you bout bad times.. it's been raining in my house in the Netherlands for a year and a half now. DH has a serious heartcondition and isn't doing too well.. and in april I found out I have breastcancer.. am smack dab in the mids of treatments..
so.. thinking about smiles a lot.. Set myself a goal to at least laugh hard once a day..because I think a day without laughter is a day not lived.. and it also makes you think about what's there to smile and laugh about..
I found sooo many things.. and that proverb is right.. it's really in the little things..
my little ones make me smile every day -and no they aren't angels.. they fight a lot too ;)- but they also say the funniest things.. and their joy is soo pure.. flowers.. butterflies.. summer.. sweet friends.. happy mail..little drawings under my pillow.. beautiful music.. and I am totally greatfull for this great hobby! Scrapbooking is an awesome distraction.. and looking at beautiful creations makes me almost just as happy as creating something myself.. and I ♥ looking at the things you create. That makes me happy too.. so I thought.. this would be a great time to let you know =D. Thanks for your awesome inspiration!!!

hello miss steph, thank you so much for taking the time in sending a PM to let me know about you blog sweet of you! and ofcourse so generous of you such a wonderful yummy giveaway. hmmmm what makes me smile, so many things makes me smile like i just got home from work my daughter is still awake (she's 19 months old) and as soon as she sees me she yells mommy! mommy! mommy! running towards me and hugging my legs jumping up and down with a big grin in her face..totally makes me smile. sometimes my middle son (he's going to be 4 this month) just says the funniest things with his funny facial expressions and my eldest (he is going to be 11 in NOV) he is the sweetest boy even though he's 11 alreadt he still likes to cuddle up with me giving me kisses and short simple things and sweet moments makes me smile :) hope all is going well with you now and may God bless you always!

Hopefully your days get better...

My family always makes me smile. Sometimes they do some of the craziest things. For example today we we're in the van driving to the pool and my husband was eating a banana. When he was done with the banana my 4 year old asked if she could see the peel. So, of course he handed it too her, just thinking that she just wanted to look at it. She grabs it and throws it over her head and it hits my 9 year old son right in the face. It was the funniest and most random thing I've ever seen. And before I could even say stop he throws it at my other son. So there's banana peels everywhere and everyone's throwing them and we're all laughing. It was a great moment ;)

Thanks for the chance to win

Wow, what a gorgeous giveaway Steph!!!!! Thanks for the chance:)
What makes me smile, hmmm....
When I do something for my little girl, like giving her treat or meal, getting something for her that she can't reach, she always says "Thank you mommy"(In Japanese) in this sweeeeet voice. It really makes me smile:) Makes me feel that I want to do lots of things for her!!!!!!:)
I'm crossing my fingers;)


You're absolutely right! I would probably do more than just squeal if I end up winning this prize pack from one of my most biggest inspirational go-to artists in scrapbooking = YOU!

What makes ME smile? Well, a lot of things.....and it's SO nice when I do because then it takes this grouchy natural look I have from my fathers genes off my face. LOL

I smile when I see my kids laughing, playing and joking around together because even though I'm not a part of it, I really am!


I smile when I see my husbands face and hear the words "I love you" escape from his lips. It gets me everytime!

Things that make me smile are my children sleeping peacefully, my dog chancing her tail and having a day to scrapbook it all. Hope things get better

Theres a very long list of things that make me smile my kids being at the top of the list the absolute sheer delight they get from the little things that may not be much to us oldies but their happiness makes those little things mean much more to us. Would also like to say how beautiful and inspiring every one of your layouts are, they are also in my list of things that make me smile.

what makes me smile? picture of my family :)

I love your blog... I have been following it for a long time, but never take the time to comment (ashamed)

I smile with unexpected acts of kindness and love.... given to those that least expect it. A beautiful flower, a delicious cake, a caring word of encouragement, or a hospitable smile that says you're worth it because you are beautiful.

Your work is so beautiful. When are you going to scrapbook me ? I love being in your family Steph.

What made me smile today? Actually, it was your glowing words about my TCR LO. I was just coming here to thank you for them. So to answer your question, YOU made me smile today! Isn't scrapbooking a awesome thing, when we have the power (and technology) to make each other's day around the world?! I love it!

oh my!
this is such a happy and colorful blogcandy!
i wanna win it!!!:)

p.s Steph I pray the rest of the year looks up alot better for you too!

Hi Steph Your new blog look is awesome and love that it has 'your look'. ~ what I love.... I love the look that my grandson gives me when he looks into my eyes, gives me that chucks sort of smirk and stares adoringly like he is my no.1 fan, the epitome of unconditional love!- keep doing what ya doin darls! Love you- Ruthy xo

so glad I found your blog! amazing work you do!
What makes me smile? well, today it's my adorable hubby...:) he's so good to me!

In life we have months where we think we have no strength to continue, but life is wonderful and makes us overcome obstacles.
What makes me smile?
see my children growing up happy, celebrate the achievements of them, kiss them good morning to my husband, playing with my three dogs and make scrapbook ...
Scrappy is my passion, my hobby, my addiction, lol.
Getting an afternoon scrapbook with friends, chatting and smiling is great!
I'm sure the sad days are behind him, now you'll have good days and new things that will make you smile, because your work is wonderful, you're a super talented artist and creative!
Congratulations on the wonderful blog you have!

Sorry to hear about your month hope the next month is better.
What makes me smile?? Family, true friends and knowing that I am blessed to have them enriching my life. On the flip of Seinfeld.....

Wonderful give-away .. that should make any girl smile. But what really makes me smile? My kids and grandkids .. just being with them is the best medicine ever! Hope July is fab for you!

Wow, what FAB candy, thanks for the chance to win. Sorry to read that you've had a bad month, that's not good at all. What makes me smile? the innocence of youth... my 6 year old son is still convinced that I am only 18 years old, even though I am nearly double that! I love the cute, totally innocent things that he comes out with sometimes... My grandad died before Jake was even born, but I still have both of my other grandparents. One day after visiting each of them a couple of years ago, he wanted to know why Nanny didn't have a Grandad. "That's not fair Mummy, she must be lonely?" Too true. So sweet. Very observant. Love that.

wow - what a beautiful bunch of EYE CANDY..... I love it when my girls show each that they actually do care about each.... normally they fight / argue but those rare moments of when they show they love each other by doing simple little things for each other, makes me smile

Oh my word, Steph. I SO NEEDED TO READ THIS post today. I am down, yet have so much to be grateful for. So what makes me smile? You, this post, the friends that I have made around the world. My children, my husband, molding paste, glimmer mist :) Babies laughing, the smell of coffee brewing, my sock monkey slippers. xx Heidi

I am faithful July will only be the start of all good things for you.
Thanx for the chance to win such a fantastic selection of blog candy.
I know it would sure make me happy.

Be blessed through all trials Steph! Praise Him in advance! My daughters make me smile, Scrappy goodies, blogs, challenges make me smile! The smell of paper makes me smile, lol :)! Your blog candy really makes me smile! Blessings XOXOXOXO!

So many things make me smile. a morning run and watching the sun come up in the morning makes me me crazy but it does. The cute little faces of my grand daughters. My scraproom. My flower garden. All very simple but they make me happy.

Stef...sweetie I am so sorry things have been rough, I really hope this is the turning point for you & things start to pick up because good things should happen to sweet people like you.

I have to say I am blown away by your beautiful giveaway..... Thanks for letting me know, it looks gorgeous!! By the way your layout using palette #12 is perfect in everyway. I love the flash of bright orange!!

Hmmm now to make you smile.... my kid in his jocks, outside on the trampoline at 7am this morning (9 degrees C), singing 'Hail Britania' (British National Anthem- why I don't know) at the top of his voice. *Ehem* Me being not much of a morning person, especially after having scrapped until the wee hours did my best impression of a grizzly bear after a bad 6 months sleep on a hard rock.... Oh yes, we have an energetic early riser in our family. I can see the funny side now but this morning.....? Nooooo ways! :o)
Hugs to you friend! X

What makes me smile.......seeing my grown children happy and smiling!!!! (My youngest just turned 21 this past Saturday). Always has made me smile and always will!

I'm sorry you had a bad month, I've been right there with you, dh's Mom had surgery for cancer that came back, found out our Bulldog has canine cancer, youngest ds totalled his truck, air conditioning in house broke down..........but I have many blessings and am thankful everysingle day, like I'm sure you are too. We just have to smile through the bad times too!!!

Hope things are looking up for you.

What makes me smile? Most definitely my grand-son Mason!! He is such a sweetie. Whenever I want to get a big grin from him, I call him 'my cuteness'. His eyes just light up, and he gets the biggest smile on his face.

Roll on July I say!
I smile when my nearly 4 yr old tells me the other day "you love me mummy even when you are browly aye Mummy" (this is his word for
I guess he does listen to me....even when I don't think he is.
Sending hugs

Hi steph,
I hope your July is better for you than June. My last 2 months have been Yuck too so "Here's to hoping July onwards gets better & better each month"
What makes me smile is When I turn up to drive the schoolbus run & Im extremely tired, stressed & a bit grumpy & Im sitting there waiting for the kids to get out thinking I hope so & so etc are gonna be good today so I can concentrate & I sit there thinking what can go wrong this time & then when I look up i see so & so skipping up to the bus with a bunch of flowers in their hands & with a great big grin they hand me their bunch of flowers & that really makes my day(also a giggle as the teachers are in hot pursuit wondering if so & so REALLY IS going to give flowers to his bus driver, LOVL)
Also all the simple things that we take for granted & knowing all my family are safe & well

What makes me smile? My 8 year old daughter imitating the Italian stud on the perfect italiano cheese add. She tries to get the sultry look and the sexy smile and the husky voice. This is my listening face..... hilarious!

Love your blog and love seriously scrapbooking!

Hi Steph

Sorry to hear you are not having the best of times. Things will change for the better, they always do.
What makes me smile - Listening to my grand-daughter saying a word for the first time, watching my daughter doing something when she does not know that I am watching and dancing with my wonderful husband.

what makes me smile.....well i think i looking right at ya girl!!!!! When you visit me and post a comment...can't wipe that smile from my face... and from my girls they said this

holly who's 8 when mummy and jorja are around me!
storm who's 7 when daddy hugs and tickles me!
jorja who's 1 very soon.... mummy makes me smile she feeds me!

and DH... coming home to my girls.

and me... all the awesome people in my life... there's every reason to smile!!!

and wishing you a awesome smiley JULY you and family!!!

Hi there Steph, Bad months are really a downer but onward and up ward and enjoy life!

What makes me smile are my boys, the grown ones home for the weekend with the new love of his life, the ones that think they are grown playing with the new remote control helicopter they got from Dad and the teenage ones who still say "I Love You, Mum"

These beautiful things make me smile.

Positive and warm thoughts being sent to you Steph. :)

I already told you how I love your layout so I won't repeat that.

I love to recall a moment when my older son told me that he loved me as strong as an elephant stepped on me :)
Thanks for the opportunity to win the giveaway!


What a fab giveaway.
Yesterday was the first real summerday here in Denmark. We went to the beach and jumped in the water. Watching my four year old daughter in the water was like seeing cows out on grass for the first time after a long winther inside. That made me smile and forget about everything else :o)

Hi Steph,

Keeping my eye on all your lovely work even tho' not at classes at the mo'.

Loved looking at your Black Point photos, it is beautiful there. We are off to KI next week, hoping to get some good pics too.

Was reading about your shitty week and realize we are all there at some time or another, the weather doesn't help!

We had sad news a couple of weeks ago. The dad of one of the families at rugby, we are pretty close with, went off to work in the morning and didn't come home. He committed suicide, leaving a wife and three young children behind. Absolutely heartbreaking.

I also have two very close friends fighting for their lives with cancer, another tragedy. Two beautiful women with young families.

So what makes me happy is picking my kids up from school, getting them home, making a snack and hearing the key turn as Russell walks in. All three of them home, all four of us together, safe and sound!

I know it's a cliche, but having the three of them safe, sound, healthy and happy is what makes me happy. (that doesn't mean a nice handbag doesn't sometimes do the the trick too!!!!)

Hope you get some good feeling from everyone's happy stories.

I hear you on the hard times hun! i thought 2009 was the worst year of my life but so far 2010 isnt living up to expectations either. I just keep telling myself that every cloud has a silver lining...I just need to find it. What makes me smile?? Watching my children play, especially when they dont know i'm watching them. Their super cute imaginations and interactions with each other just melts me heart.
Thinking of you hun!!
Big Hugs

Hey there Steph, i just have to ditto all that you are sharing. ups and downs in life yet we thank God for many things around us that make us smile. Friends from near and far that come acrross my life makes me smile, with their love and warmth . i love how the scrapping world and the cyberworld makes one happy and kiddos, they fight all the time and then they have just this lil sparkle in them that i adore and i just can't help smiling.att...;)

I wish you a blessed weekend steph and thank you for doing this. This makes me SMILE ;) teehee

Hi Steph, sorry that you going true hard times, but they aren't that bad, look at your family! your girls are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!

One of the things that makes me Smile is when I see my daughter being silly so she can see me smile!!!

Love your lo so much!!!! Love the DA lamp!!! And my fav. part is the picture!!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BTW, I gave a RAK on my blog today as well. I gave it to the 100th follower. So cool we did it the same day :)

Gorgeous CR layout Steph and beautiful RAK. I will be praying for you and your family. I know we all understand what you are going through one way or another. I extend tons of hugs and kisses your way. And I am so happy you have decided to NOT let the devil defeat you and to move into July with joy. God Bless you my dear!!

What makes me smile is simple. God's Grace!

Hi Steph - what gorgeous Candy - thanks for the opportunity to play - it looks DIVINE! What makes me smile - many things make me smile and it can differ each day!! Sometimes it can be something funny, it can be the sound and smell of the rain during the dry times, other days is can be a memory - the one that comes to mind is the day my DD2 looked at me and said,'I love you Mum....and you know that - I EVEN LIKE YOU!' We all know that we have to love our Mum's - but it is the ultimate thing to LIKE them!! It makes my HEART smile each time I think of it!! There are many reasons to smile and I hope that each of us has more than one each day!

Steph I am sorry to hear you have had a run of bad months - I hope that in time, there will be things that you will be able to look back on and smile at - we have had a number of deaths in our family in the last couple of months and I live with the ongoing sound of fighting siblings....I am alsways grateful for each new day and all it brings!! GOd bless you!! {{{hugs}}} PS I am linking your Candy to my Blog!!

hi steph ... hopefully you feel the warmth of the sunshine and the joy of life again as you step into a new month and hopefully new, soul inspiring happiness!

so loving the gorgeous giveaway you have going at the moment ... simply creativly and awe inspiringly tasty!

what makes me smile ... well, i shall share a little "song" my 3yo sang this morning, in her joyful, playful way .... she had no idea anyone was listening ... but she totally had me in stitches and grinning from ear to ear ....

she was sitting at the breakfast table when she began to sing in her most sweetest cutest tones .... "i love my mummy, i love my mummy, she makes me pancakes, yummy, yummy ... i love my mummy, i love my mummy, she makes me pancakes, yummy, yummy"

it was probably a "you've got to be there moment" but none the less, had me in giggles, and smiling profusely!! how innocent, sweet and totally cute, to make up a song about me making her pancakes for breakfast. Certainly makes you appreciate the little things in life. ;-)

Wow ! looking at this blog candy sures makes us smile ! can't imagine the joy of the recipient !!!!!

Thank you so much for sharing , hun ! You shine , grrl ! thank you so much for making our scrappy world that much brighter , much more colorful !

I am so sorry to hear life has gotten you down. We all have challenges in life we have to overcome. I pray for your happiness :) and wish you happier days. Seeing my kids happy makes me happy :) I adore your LO and the way you used the colors of the challenge are so inspiring :) Hugs Jamie

I smile when my son (5) tells his own made up jokes - they are so not funny but he just cracks up laughing and how can I help but laugh along!

I'm so sorry that life has been so 'cloudy' for you lately. Here's to hoping that the sunshine sticks around for quite some time! AWESOME giveaway, and your Color Room layout is drop dead amazing!! I just love eveyrthing you do, girl!
As for what makes me smile...right now it's when Ryan does something I ask him to do the FIRST time I ask it. ;) Seeing him loving on our new little kitten does it, too.

aww,i hope the world looks up for you,i am much like that,when it rains it truely pours,and its one thing after the next,but I am a huge believer that life happens for a reason,in the mean time,i love to crank the music loud,sing at the top of my lungs,and dance with my girls,thats what makes me smile!

I just unsubscribed from your blog in GoogleReader to see the stats :) and of course re-subscribed immediately. 218 people sub to your blog! More than the 100 you thought!

Hi Steph, sorry to hear you have had a tough few months & thanks for sharing it,makes us all feel 'normal'.
I smile at childrens resilience - no matter what hand they are dealt they are tough and get through it,its a great leason for adults to remind themselves. Both my boys had hearing problems especially my eldest who is almost 7 and was dealt many unfair obstacles but he has now finally caught up and is a healthy little boy and after all this time I have the biggest smile!!!

I've just read through the comments so far and there really are so many things in this world to smile about ... I guess what makes me smile most often is that spark of inspiration I get when seeing gorgeous layouts like yours ... thank you for sharing.

Here are few things which makes me smile :
*Little kids, because they are very friendly, open, they don`t have any stereotypes, they say what they think and are full of joy and positive emotions, it`s easy to make them laugh because they laugh about what they think is funny:)
*Giving gifts and presents to people i love. It always makes me smile to see them opening the presents and being so happy about presents which are always my handmade:)
*Making things. I`m very crafty girl( actually i`m 15 years) I love to crochet,
Here are things which makes me smile :
*My family. I always enjoy time with my family and then i feel happy :)
*Little kids, because they are very friendly, open, they don`t have any stereotypes, they say what they think and are full of joy and positive emotions, it`s easy to make them laugh because they laugh about what they think is funny:)
*Giving gifts and presents to people i love. It always makes me smile to see them opening the presents and being so happy about presents which are always my handmade:)
*Making things. I`m very crafty girl( actually i`m 15 years) I love to crochet, making unique goodies and original charms from polymer clay. It always makes me smile to see beautiful thing i have made, because i have put alot of effort and time in it .
Thanks for making so sweet giveaway :)

golly lolly...look at all that goodness!

sad to hear that you have been having a tough time your positive outlook on life though and I really couldn't agree more with it...we have but one life to live!

there are soooo many things that make me smile...I'm a happy kinda person so that's not a big revelation :)

but nothing makes me happier than my kids, being kids, together. I love each one individually and that makes me smile from that deep feeling of love that you get on your gut but the one thing that tops it is loving them as a whole, seeing their interactions and love for one another truly makes me happier than anything else (better still if DH happens to be around to enjoy it too!)

here's cheers to a fantastic July and rest of 2010!

Tatum xx

What a lovely giveaway!

There is so much hope and beauty in the world, though sometimes it can be hard to see. Something that makes me smile is spending time with my wonderful husband. This weekend I was able to surprise him with a mini-vacation to Las Vegas- he has been unemployed for two years and we haven't been able to afford much, so going on out of town for a weekend was a big deal for us! It was the best weekend we've had in such a long time! Nothing too fancy, just spending time appreciating one another, exploring a new place, and just getting away from our everyday routine was so refreshing.

Hang in there and I hope things look up for you soon! :)


Hi Steph!
What a beautiful layout! those colours go together really well, thanks for sharing =)
sorry to hear your last few months have been downers, but it can only get better from now on =)

What makes me smile: are my kids, they are 3.5 yrs and 2.5 yrs and its so funny and cute when they try new words to pronounce. i.e Justin Bieber = justa beaver.... LOL

happy hugs to you!

p.s yummy giveaway!!!

Hi Steph
sorry to hear you have had a rough couple of months :( its very nice of you to make someone else smile by giving
What makes me smile
oh so many things put a smile on my face my most recent thing was my youngest daughter got up with her preschool group on sunday and sang in front of heaps of mummy's, daddy's and grandparents with a smile on her face and joy in her heart she sang so proudly which shocked me because she is so shy and timid and normally cry's at these things, i was was smiling so big and proud that i even had big crocodile tears!
Bridge xx

Beautiful blog candy - I love your blog!

Something which makes me smile is my children being caring towards each other and showing tenderness instead of fighting!

What makes me smile; my 18month old girl squeeling "I LIKE IT" when I say "let's go brush your teeth""; my almost 4year old saying "I can't WAIT 'til I'm as old as you and daddy, and I can eat chocolate ALL the time!"; when my DH texts me saying "I'm leaving work early. I'll look after the girls so that you can have time to scrap". The little things in my little life brings a smile to my face...

Smile-worthy: dogs, birds, friends, library book shelves just waiting for me to read endlessly, wreaths, art dolls, laughing babies, smell of mint, vegetarian Indian buffet, music of the Partridge Family, lilies, zinnias, and more dogs.

The chocolate chip cookies that I am about to take out of the oven!

My little boy makes me smile. The things that little human say just cracks me. So adorable and unaware of the significance of what he says. Every day I am grateful that I have him and my heart melts whenever he hugs me or says that he loves me.

Thank you for sharing and for your beautiful creations! I hope the sun is starting to shine for you now after all these months... :)
Something that makes me laugh (you have to put this in context: I am a Spanish girl -from Barcelona- living in Sweden) is getting up in the morning, sneaking through the window and seeing THE SUN... thank God for it! ;)
Lots of love!


Wishing you the best in the days to come.
What makes me smile... a baby's smile, a child's hugs, baby birds chirping, and flowers!

My son is my biggest reason to smile. He is almost two and everything is still new and exciting for him. I get to relive my childhood through him.My husband is such a good person and friend. He is a terrific father too. We have been together for ten years and everyday he says something to make me feel special and happy. I love life,I love humanity and all the wonders of this earth. Animals,children and loved ones make this life so wonderful. I am having the best life!

When my two daughters are happy, I'm happy!!!

Wonderful Giveaway!!!! Thanks for the chance to win. I love your blog..
What makes me smile????? My beautiful daughter.
Hugs from Brazil

My mum's laugh gets me every time.

hello steph !

thank you for this splendid giveaway ! it look to be totally gorgeous, with splendid colours, , many gorgeous flowers, this is so generous !
so, what it could me make a smile ? euh ... funny aventures of my dauhthers, when she try to seem as me, when she try to speak like an adult, when she try to change her voice ... she are totally delicious !

What a gorgeous and generous give away Steph, I know that with your positive attitude the rest of the year is going to be happy and smooth sailing :)

Something that always makes me smile is when I see elderly couples who walk down the street holding hands- it must be so special to grow old and still be madly in love- I want to experience that! :)

Hope you have a beautiful week xx Lauren

Hugs, sweets.....this will be a month for celebration, I just know it!! If only for the reason that we make it so. :) And if we didn't have a few rough spots we wouldn't appreciate the wonderful things in our lives.

Love your inspiration from the palette...thanks for encouraging me to try it, too....a good stretching

What makes me smile? The smile on the face of a loved one, a sweet note from a friend, the sunshine, that perfect feeling when it all comes together.


your creations are simply gorgeous thanks for the daily inspiration and please continu doing what you do , thanks for this opportunity

I love visiting your blog- it's a breath of fresh air! What makes me smile...seeing my beautiful birds every morning. They are the sun in my life :)

Love you blog and your work, have been looking in forever!
Sorry to hear about your loss too, it is never easy to loose anybody we love.
What makes me smile?
- my kids well actually they melt my heart especially when they look at each other they just light up in this amazing way.
- my darling partner he is always sturring me and making me laugh
- Scrapping, Crocheting,embroidery, sewing.... well actually anything crafty makes me smile.
- memories make me smile too, especially the good ones.
- doing something really small and helping someone makes me smile.

Thanks for all the inspiration... Love your work keep it up!
Hope July is better for you.

I smile...
...when I scrap...
...when children don't listen their mommy...
...when my boyfriend is highly concentrated... & I and he sticks out his tongue...
...when my mom smile...
...when I see videos on animals (cute or funny!)...
...when my think about my best friend (I miss you Marc Antoine!)...
Thanks for the chance to win this fabulous giveaway... next month will be better, keep smiling...

Gorgeous layout!! And what makes me smile is my kids!!

Steph, I hope next month is one of your best ever!!! Just to make up for all the bad times. Love your blog candy - it's amazing. What makes me smile? Listening to my two girls giggle and laugh together. Watching them decide to scrap like their mummy does. Knowing it is school holidays and I can sleep in for two whole weeks and not have to make lunches every morning (that makes me smile really big!!!). Watching my girls scream with laughter as I tickle them (I do this a lot, I just can't help myself - it's too much fun!). Realising that a layout I have been struggling with has actually turned out better than I had hoped for. Watching my girls sleep - nothing, but nothing, can beat that! Cheers, Jules.

New babies make me smile! I just cuddled one this afternoon and I could not stop staring at him, smiling at him and smelling him. Oh he is gorgeous, a real little man!
I think i'll smile forever if I can convince DH for #3!!!

LOVE this LO Steph, I'm really looking forward to using these colours. They really throw me to but what you have all done with them is tooo inspiring not to give it a bash..


Seriously, are you giving away all that amazing stuff??? I think I've never seen such a huge and gorgeous blog candy! There are so many things making me happy. Just a few of them:
-Playing around with my little nieces: having nothing on my mind, just picking flowers with them and stuff.
-Taking a few pictures and, after uploading them on my computer, finding out that they turned out pretty amazing.
-Waiting for new scrap goodies to arrive (though the moment they arrive would probably be even more fun, LOL)
-Having a good hair day (unfortunately this happens way too less;))
-Listening to the radio and then hearing your most favourite song...just makes my day!
-Watching blogs of my favourite scrap artists, for example yours, and seeing some of their newest amazing layouts and cards.
-Having the feeling that I don't have to do anything at all...which usually means: SCRAPTIME:D
-Doing a little bicycle ride on a summer evening, watching the beautiful sunset.
-Having those friends moments: being together for about 6 hours and then finding out that you did nothing but talking for 6 whole hours...oops;)

I hope this little part of my happy list made you a bit happy too:) Enjoy your Sunday!

Wow, gorgeous giveawy....I hope you have a better month in July...hugs to you:):) What makes me smile?? My boys kissing and cuddling each other - very rare but makes my heart smile when it does happen:)

I love your new layout too:)

Hugs for your bad month. What makes me smile...knowing I have some beautiful friends around me to pick me up when I need and being able to do the same whenever it's needed too. And my childrens laughter make me smile big.

hsppy smiles; I hope I'm randomly picked!

Here's to a better month ahead. You will certainly put a huge smile on someone's face with this gorgeous gift!
As a mum of 3, what makes me smile is seeing them acheive something that makes them happy. This week was watching my DD on stage performing!
Thanks for your constant your work!

here here to a better month
me smiling, today, jammie day ;O)
looks like a great stash, it would also make me happy
thanks for the chance

What makes me smile? Listening to my two beautiful kids having a conversation with each other...gazing out the bedroom window and seeing the deer frolicking in the gorgeous husband and soul mate smiling at me...watching the kids dancing and being silly...seeing my daughter develop into quite the little artist...standing outside at listening to the birds singing...etc etc.

What abrilliant and utterly generous giveaway Steph. Come to think of made me smile!! Love your work Steph. B-)

Seeing your positive attitude makes me smile. Aloha!

Gorgeous goodies there and what a lovely thing to do to celebrate a fresh start! Well of course my kids make me smile, but I have to say that pottering in my scraproom late at night with the boys asleep and a hot cup of coffee (going cold as I forget about it!) always gets me smiling :)

Oh no that sucks having a bad time...Good times ahead...
Something silly made me smile recently: Had tough time family wise lately but whilst scrapping decided to use one of my grandparents old notebooks for journalling, as opened the book my birth announcement from the newspaper(35yrs old)fell from the pages. This notebook has been used many times but first time I have ever seen this, I have it on my craft table to reminds me there is love around me.
And my boys (hubby and sons) make me smile every day: )
Thanks for the chance to win.

Wow, what gorgeous blog candy. I am sorry you have had such a bad month.
What makes me smile????? My granddaughters..... watching them enjoy the flowers, watching them cuddle with the puppy, listening to their excitement when they tell me about their day .... in all... small children and their never ending joy....

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