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August 31, 2006


I'm so jealous. I looove Hugh. Hoep you had a fab nite. What a great gift.

Thinking of you Steph and hoping and prayingyou have good news for us soon.


Steph, I have missed this entry and I feel so bad!!!!

You must be going through such a rough time with falling pregnant heart goes out to you and I pray that it happens for you soon!!!!

I hear ya about money...flat out having two pennies to rub together here lately. It bloody sucks...:o(

YAY!!!!!! Gotta love your Mum for the night out, huh? Isn't she awesome???? Have you been yet and did you have a good time? I am soooo dying to see it too!!!!

Well, better choof off to bed gorgeous :o) I am thinking of you all the time and sending some +++++ vibes your way!!!!!!

{{{{{HUGS}}}}}} Steph :o)

Luv Karen xoxo

P.S. LOVE the layout and blog colours too!!!!

Hi Steph! Hope all your tests went well! Thinking of you!
Wasn't Hugh just divine?! Can't get enough of him! He's going to be on Kerri-Anne Friday morning if you're not doing anything! Love this layout!

You've been tagged by ME. Check out my blog for

Hi Steph, I'm reading this after a few events* so I hope it all went well and the after effects were too bad. (Things could happen pretty soon hopefully hey!)
Keep well matey.
Just absolutly love that above LO, possible my fav so far! Your a master at those twirls and swirls!
love ruthy x

Hey Steph.
I hope everything went well.
Thinking of you.

Oh Steph I hope the day surgery went ok sweetie? Been there done that too *sigh*, hope you are feeling ok today.

Love and hugs!
Chrissy xx

Love what you did with the Crillon Steph. It's amazing paper... I loved working with it myself... those swirls are heavenly!

Hope all went well with the surgery... fingers crossed for you!

Steph.....I haven't dropped by your blog for awhile. My goodness.....good luck with the day surgery and for the future....all the best for your Project Fundraiser....and I actually picked up a copy of FK recently and just loved this layout. Such a pretty colour what you are doing in Photoshop's such fun and so addictive isn't it!
Take care........

I just adored that LO in FK Steph, its just so enticing! the photo of Emma is just divine on it, she looks so deep in thought.

Glad to hear everything is going well with the pink locker project, Im hanging out to hear all the details.

Im sure you and your friend will have the best time together - youll pick up right where you left off eight years ago - behave yourselves ;)

Dear Steph-
I hope your day surgery went well. I too am desperately wanting to fall pregnant... just not happening?!? So I wish you luck.
As soon as I picked up my copy of For Keeps, I saw that layout and immediately fell in love. It is so beautiful.
And I love your pic. You big spunk!!
Love Kel XXX

You've probably had your op by now. Hope it all went well.
Lucky you getting to go to the theatre! What a lovely mum!
Have fun with Jane.

Good luck Steph, I know everything is going to be wonderful for you. Life is strange how it throws those damn curve balls, but it always works out in the end. I am a prime example of that, I will be thinking of you.

Oh by the way, you layout is gorgeous, love the softness of it all.

Aw Steph, big hugs, hope everything goes well with day surgey, hun.

The layout is divine! I really love how you have put it together. It just works perfectly with the colour of Emma's clothes!

I just love the urban acid you used; photoshop is so fun to play with. I'm another one who wants to know where you get your brushes from.

hey girlie, Mawah hope it all went well today for you at the hospital, prayers and good thoughts to you.

ah what on EARTH are you doing in that photo woman lol

you are really blessed to have parents like that, but that is what being a parent is all about, sacrificing for those you love :)

All the best for the surgery babe! i had that done many moons ago when we started out with repromed, just think of it as your first step towards being a mummy again. loving your new photo in the bathroom (i'm yet to try it..eek!!) just remember the old 'crop' tool and get rid of the camera strap if it annoys you too much. Til we meet again! Leonie

Oops, omitted to add all the best with your tests and things. We left parenthood til late and looking back on potential problems, I realise just how fortunate we have been. I really hope it all works out for you.

What a gorgeous layout Steph! Your photography is awesome!
Hope you enjoy your night out. Sounds like you so deserve it!

Good luck today Steph...Hope everything works out for you all.
Lovin' the photos too. Very arty!!! xx

Praying that everything goes well for you with the surgery.

I agree there's nothing quite like the buzz of the theatre. Glad you enjoyed the show.

Steph, I LOVE your blog colours- perfect as we go into spring. your FK layout is gorgeous, I admit, i love those papers, but get a little stumped- i think you have used them so well.
All the best with your surgery- I know it will all happen for you- youre still young you know!!
ps-love seeing your experiments with photoshop too- its a whole other world.........

Hi Steph, I wish you the very best today. Great pic, you will have me hanging out in the bathroom next lol, might try a photo with my new reading glasses!

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