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August 16, 2006


Love all that your doing with these new brushes Steph just beautiful. If you need an encouraging story in terms of your "next little miracle" read one of my early archives called '6years a miracle'- my no. 5 is a special story. I be praying for you girl!
ruthy x

Awesome photo Steph..looks adorable!
Wow, another little one..good luck...will be thinking of you!

love & prayers for your journey towards another little one. Look forward to your SoF class in the near future!

wow, steph that photo looks awesome, photoshop is pretty darn good hey. Love the layout so bright and funky looks unreal. Congrats on your DT possie, I hope you have heaps of fun, on all your new ventures.

Best Wishes

Wow wow wow.. stunning photo and layout miss Steph.. and huge congrats on your DT position.. can't wait to hear more soon.. :)

Good luck with your journey.. my fingers are crossed and I'll be thinking of you..HUGS!


Just adore these two Steph. The colours in the SEI paper are just perfect with that beautiful pic. And love, love what you did with the brushes. I've gotta learn.

All the best with your journey with Repromed. From someone who spent many years on that path. I'm thinking of you.
Take care,

Congrats on the DT!!! Your photoshop stuff looks great! You will have to show me how someday!!! I'm still on the enhancing photos bit! Don't know too much about brushes yet!

Oh Steph I'm praying with all my heart that things go well for you! Lots of hugs going your way from little me.

Love that pic of your darling girl, I'm just starting to play with brushes myself and boy it is fun isn't it!

God bless Steph, thinking of you!
Love Chrissy xx

Steph, love the brushes on the layout; also big congrats on your DT acceptance. Can't wait to hear more.

Hi Steph,I cant wait to get involved in the world of brushes, they create such beautiful effects, congrats on your dt position, mother nature is a strange one to work out,I had some help along the way, so I wish for you and your family 100 % success in your dreams.You sound so busy, take care of yourself.

HI Steph

I'll be thinking of you as you take the Repromed journey. They are wonderful people with an excellent success rate - I have 5 gorgeous nieces that wouldn't have been here without their help :-)

Love that layout, am going to have to do something to get to Adelaide for that class!

Take care


Wow!! i feel so privledge to be called your partner in crime!!! you wait to you see the brushes I have for you on disc!! You are gona DIE!!! I hope all goes well with Repromed. They are such gorgeous, and caring people there and I know that from experience. All my fingers and toes are crossed for you!!

Yummy brushwork, Steph! Congrats on the new DT. Can't wait to hear more. And good luck with Repromed. Aren't they just the best?

Wow I get exhausted just reading your blog! It sounds like your going to have a pretty full on time for the next 12 months as well. All the best with all your new 'ventures'.

Nic xxx

The layout is gorgeous Steph! I love those papers too - soooo yummy! All the very best for Repromed - here is a huge big hug coming your way. It's a big step but you won't be on your own. God bless!

Gorgeous LO Steph. Good luck with everything re falling pregnant again. I can't wait to hear what DT you are on. Scenic Route?

You've certainly got lots going on at the moment. Good luck with your next little 'miracle' all the best. Aah, buttnose hey?? Emma is saying "SHUT UP" to us and her brother, and it's infuriating... Oh well, the joys of a lively 3 year old.

Hi Steph-
I'm lucky first poster today ;o)
It sounds like you are smack bang in the middle of an amazing amount of exciting things. You go girl!!
I wish you all the best.
Love Kel XXX

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