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June 19, 2006


Hi Steph, thats a precious photo of your Dad and Emma, how special with her little hand on his face, it makes me just melt.
When I worked in child care we would just wrap up the kids including their arms and hands in a big sheet, like you do with a new born, because lets face it, kids aren't going to let you get near their eyes.Just open up the lid with your thumb and forefinger and pop in the drops, all over in a second, then the cuddles begin, good luck!

Hi hon,

Hope you are feeling better.

Great shots of the family, I love the shot of Em & Graham....

We'll talk soon.


Oh Steph the photos are lovely, I only recently had a photo shoot with sarah's grandma and grandpa, and I also got some lovely shots. Sorry to hear about everyone having colds, doesn't sound good at all. Circle journal sounds interesting, I would love to give that a go, if it is still open.

Have a great week Steph, and I can't wait to see your layours.

Best Wishes

What gorgeous photos! Penelope is worth her weight in gold obviously...LOL. Can't wait to see the layouts you create with those shots!

Hi Steph, sorry to hear you and Em have been feeling rotten with this flu too! Love the shots taken with your new camera! I think the family shot looks lovely and natural. Can't wait to hear what you and Amy have been up to!

They look good Steph, if you don't know about the work shirt! The sepia tone takes away the work shirt look! Sorry to hear you and Em have not been well. There is nothing worse than being sick and caring for sick kids! Hope you are both better soon!

Wow looks like Penelope enjoyed her first date! LOL These pics are ever so gorgeous Steph! Can't wait to see your latest LOs too, will pop back in later!

As for the drops, I hear you!!! Found the best way was to have them lie down with their eyes closed and drop it in the corner. I tell mine to then flutter their eyelashes like a butterfly and it does go in! So hard though!

Thanks for your sweet comments over at my blog too, made my day. :) Hugs to you and Em hope you are both well soon!
Love Chrissy xx

No tips on the medicine front, but I'll look to you first if I ever need to give J eye drops. Hope you're both over your colds soon.
And isn't Photoshop fantastic? It's rare these days that I won't "fiddle" with a photo. You can do such awesome things.
Kathie the pic of Em and her the first pic she looks like she really loves him and is holding his face with such care.
Photoshop is such fun isn't it!

I feel for you Steph, I have a hard enough time trying to give Lee any type of medication. Hope Em gets better soon. Love the photos; you can really see the love between Em and her grandfather.

i hope younand em are feeling better the photos of em and grandfather ar very cute pen takes a great photo im looking at buying adobe photo shop pro do you think it a good one to buy see u in class

haha! i can relate to giving meds to a toddler....i ended up with 1/2 a bottle of cough meds splattered all over my kitchen floor and cupboards!! hope you have more success than me:)

can't wait to see those layouts. love the photo.


LOL about the work clothes - that is something my DH would do too. Just this weekend I made the comment how I was sick of taking photos of him in his old and worn comfy weekend clothes....
As for the eyedrops, I think the only solution is to be cruel to be kind and hold them down - it might break your heart, but you can usually get a drop or two in if you are lucky.

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