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June 05, 2006


lovely photos steph! ooh cute camera too, love it! would love to join the cj group too. thanks for visiting my blog, been a busy bee with the babies but things settling now. getting wireless soon so that will help alot!!!!!!
kate xo

Hopped on hoping to see some of your latest piccies using Miss Penelope! So looking forward to seeing how she drives!

Oh have also left a little message over at my blog for you too. :-)

Hugs and hope all is well!
Chrissy xx

Steph your photo is way too cool :) And the new Camera, you super lucky girl, I know just how you feel. I have the S2IS and DH has the S1IS (the joys of being a scrapper and DH needing one for work two CANNONS!!!!). We just love them to bits!! I really need to do some tutorials to get the best out of it, but so far in Auto mode I think i have taken my best photos yet! Enjoy Enjoy Enjoy!!

I too have just purchased a Canon - think it may be similar to yours but named differently in NZ. Love it! Love it Love it! - specially the Super Macro button - it's my fav cause it has a flower on it Lol! Love the pics of you babe. Take Care

Have fun playing with Penny!!!

Steph................I'd love to join in with your Cj if you need another person. I just finished my 4 th one.I love the creativity and sharing of ideas and friendship with the Circle Journals.I guess I have tended to do more off the page projects lately but the CJ's are so nice to complete and use up all the latest and greatest bits and bobs and to also use up your stash.


Mmmmmm, I said to myself NO MORE CJ's but if you are doing one I am tempted. Do you have any more possies? Congrats on your camera purchase.

Have fun with the new toy Steph! And thanks for the lovely comments on my blog :) Let me know when you start the CJ and if I'm not too deep in other stuff I would love to join in.


whoa! Lucky girl! It is so nice having a good camera. Makes a difference to your style of photos too i reckon!
I know! we hardly ever run into each other, We should have a once a month staff scrapping session! I only ever get to see your stuff in magazines!

well, well, well..... Penelope is a very pretty thing isn't she??
Love the photos of the girls too. xx

Hi Steph, great news about your camera, I just won one from SM, it has 7 megapixels and is a Canon too. My old one only had 3!. Looking forward to more gorgeous layouts with Penelope at the helm.

Hi Spunky -
Love the photo of you. You look stunning!
I hope you get some time soon to CREATE!
I love to see your art.
Take it easy.
Love Kel XXX
(ps. gorgeous pic of Em too!)

Hi Steph

Congratulations on the camera! I'm sure we'll be seeing some awesome layouts with new pics soon :-)

If you are still up for circle journal participants, I'd love to join in.

Will you be at the 2nd birthday party for SS? I'm going to down from Mildura that weekend so I am going to persuade my dh to leave a bit later so i can come along!


Thanks gorgeous! Loving Penelope and can't wait to see some of your photographic handywork!! :)

Talk soon, babe. :)

Oh, lucky girl! I can't wait to see what gorgeous work Penelope and yourself are going to come up with. I love the pics Donna took, too. If you'd like another person for your CJ, I'd love to join!


What beautiful little girls, all of them including Penolepe and yourself. Oh I too am waiting on a few parcells but I passed of the new crillon alphabets wish I hadn't now.

i've got the predecessor(sp?) to your penelope-powershot S1 IS. it's a good camera but mine is only 3.2mp!!
you are gorgeous girlie. should take more photos of yourself.
me loves packages too:) waiting for a few coming soon...hehehe.
i'm a bit busy atm, otherwise would love to participate in the cj you are starting.


Woohoo...a new camera, good for you. I love gettting new toys lol.

Wow, that photo Donna took is awesome, what a clever chook she is.

You poor time ugh, I try to steer clear as a shopper during that MAD period, I guess that's why I miss out on all the bargains roflrofl.

Oh, and I'm not going to Brissie (wish I was), my work is going by itself lol

Hi I read your blog all the time & really love your work. I would love to be part of your cj. I am addicted to them just ask Janine (always in the shop buying for cj's)


You look beautifullllllll girl! Love the purple on you too!!!!
Hey if your going to do a CJ, I would loveeeeeeee to be part of it, if there is a space!
Thanks for your lovely comments and congrats posted on my blog.
Ruthy x

Love the photo. Lucky you with a new toy :). Can't wait to see lots of biiiig photos with all those extra pixels!!

Well I can see why you are in love with her, she's fabulous, what a lucky girl you are!! :-)

Em and Bella look so cute together, can't wait to see what you do with the UL. Work has been beyond hectic for me too, I can sooo relate.

Ohh looky, I am on your gorgeous gals list, thankyou Steph, and thanks for the big wave too, I'll have to post a pic in my blog of me waving right back at you!! :-)

Chrissy xx

So glad i get to see a piccie of penelope after you told me so much about her on saturday (and no i never put your pic on my blog! YET!!Hee Hee Hee) I hope you have many a precious moment with penelope and you get to be creative very soon!!! Will see you in a couple of weeks again for another full on saturday!! Cheers, Leonie

Hi Steph, I will babysit Penelope when ever you need it LOL !!
I am so pleased for you, it is unreal when you get a great camera. Fancy being to busy to create, it must be driving you mad. I love parcels to, I am waiting on some from Karen Foster, and some online stores, can't wait to get them especially the Karen Foster.

Best Wishes

steph you are one of the most beautiful person i no you never take an ugley shot thanks to you i have learnt to do sooo many new things i love your classes and Penelope is a stunner i want one oh well see you tuesday chook

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