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May 05, 2006


Steph, I absolutely adore the Angle layout, it is just so gorgeous, I love the shapes and the use of colour. Thankyou so much for your lovely comments about my layout, that is so nice of you. Have a great weekend.

All the best.

your layouts are beautiful i love all the detail in your collage layout i love that it's all there but you have to look a bit hard to see it - it doesn't overwhelm you at first glance. THAT's talent. but thank you for your nice words about my work. now all i need is the magazine to see it myself..!

Wow what awesome LO's youhave done. Love the baby delight one, love the star and heart, very cool.

Cool post, love those layouts especially the baby one!! Way to cute! On your partner, I totally agree, life is WAY to short.. sometimes I think I've been crazy giving up the salary I used to have in corporate melbourne, but then when you get past the money I'd have been CRAZY to stay.. life is so much more enjoyable now, I am living my dream, have time to cook scrummy meals from recipe books and am happier and healthier than I've ever been.. You just gotta take the leap, as there is a patch of green grass there for us to land on somewhere, even if we miss or fall a few times first!! :)

And good luck to Emma too..

Hugs xx

the Water LO is just gorgeous - really stood out on the page in FK


O wow Steph!! cant wait to do some classes with you. have my list to sign up to just need to get to town and sign up! Hopefully this week! i just loved that LO of em in FK. Such a gorgeous photo.
And i have to agree with you the talent in Australia is amazing!!!

Steph........loving these latest fresh and bright and girly!I need to do a girly page real soon.....tired of all the male layouts!


Ooh, lovin' those layouts. Especially the delight one. Beautiful! Hope you can get the asthma sorted. And thanks for the gorgeous comment about my LOs :)

very cute angel lo steph! hope em gets better soon. asthma is such a worry isn't it. love kate xo

Look at her face in your water baby LO, LOL just too cute! Love all the bright fresh colours with the ribbons Steph, gorgeous!

Chrissy xx

divine as usual Steph :)
looking forward to hearing your news....

LOVING those LO's Steph. They are sensational. Love your use of bright colours. I hope Emma's cough goes away soon.

Hi Steph, your class layout is just gorgeous, as are your other layouts. I'm hanging out for FK, hopefully Monday! Thanks for your support on my blog too! Good luck with Emma's cough and Mark's job!

Your classes look great. Oh so bright and yummy! Ohhhh.....Mine are still coming. Just one more to finish up. I am so far behind this time, very embarrassed!

Hi Steph & thanks for your lovely comments about my layout! Unfortunately the mag hasn't made it to the shops in NZ yet :( so I've yet to see all the fab work. Just love FK & so excited to hear you say they're bringing the texture shots back.
Love your layouts esp the freestyle one of Emma. So cute!
Hope you get answers for the asthma. We have both our children with it but I think Anna is much better this year. I hate that they can't give you a cause. Auckland is known as the asthma capital of the world!!

I totally agree with you, Steph. There is an amazing amount of talent in Australia and New Zealand!

i LUV the angel layout and that photo is just perfect. wish i live in canberra so i can sign up to a class. for keeps is definitely my favourite scrap mag at the moment with talents like yourself on the elite team. i stalk the newagency at that time of the month when it comes

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