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May 19, 2006


Love your work! Very Inspiring!
I also agree that Rach Axton is a lovely person.
She is not only very talented but was kind enough to do our wedding photography. The photos were all very beautiful!!!

You are so right about Mrs Axton...she is awesomely talented and she is also one of the most gorgeous, generous, caring and loving friends anyone could ask for.

I'm sorry to hear about your money being stolen..rotten creeps. Makes you wonder what goes through these crettins minds doesn't it..not thought for anyone but themselves. Lets hope that Karma catches up with them real soon.

Hi Steph, I couldn't got to the ISC either, and I would of loved to. Love the layout just so unusual and the colours are so gorgeous, I love how you layouts are always so unique and different, just another that I love. Rach Axton is so lovely, I have only met her through blogging etc., but what a lovely, lovely person, I would love to meet her. Her work is stunning as well, I have to agree with you, she is definitely a talent, and I can't wait to more of her talent.

I am so sorry about the $200.00 I really don't know how people sleep at night.


Hi Steph the colours and patterns are really devine in your layout, sorry to hear about your money,my dd scraps with me too, its a lovely bonding time.
Lee M

Truly, absolutly beautiful work Steph. Love your LO!
Your right nothing good can come from ill-gotten gain. Very sorry to hear of your plight. Money isn't easy to come by!
I'm with you on the ISC, so missing not going, So wanted too as well. Next year girl, we're there!

Love the Lo Steph. Gorgwous as always It's so cute that your daughter loves to scrap! mmm now there is an idea for another LO!

How awful about your handbag. Hope those thugs get caught soon.


Love the LO Steph! What a bugger about your handbag! But glad to hear you had a nice Mothers Day!

Love the purple blog! Your daughter will be a natural scrapper. Isn't it great to see them create. Mine has a wish to be on a DT when she grows up. So cute. Another gorgeous layout too.
What a shame about your money. Unfortunately the world has some scumbags.

Lovely layout Steph! How cute is your wish I had a grandchild or two to share my scrapping with. One day.........
Bummer about the money being are right though....what comes around goes around or VV.....I too would loved to have gone to ISC on the Gold Coast.......maybe next year.


sounds like a great mothers Day....loving all your layouts

Sorry to hear about your money being stolen, Steph. Some people.

Love the layout! I haven't liked those papers until now, but I love the way you've used them. And the photo of you is super sweet. Love the angle.

Steph, that layout is divine :O) SO beautiful. Isn't the boho stuff just gorgeous?!
That sucks about your money being stolen, why do some people have to this?

Wow! Love what you've done with the boho Steph! Brilliant layout!
I'm a huge Rach A fan too, I love that her style is always changing and always look fresh!
Sorry to hear about the money mate!

How gorgeous is Emma!!! lol.. Megan still just wants to rip her Mummys stuck down photos off the page, but Im looking forward to when that changes..

How horrible with the money!! Im too trusting too.. I just dont know why people would do such a thing..

And thanks soooooooo much for your wonderful comments, youve totally brightened my Saturday morning.. *HUGS* youll be receiving a new email from me soon.. lol..

Love your layout of you.. looks fantastic!!!


Ohh loving that LO for SSDT, I've been scrapping some more "me" piccies of late too as well as ones of my darling hubby and I, just so much fun! :-)

How cute that Emma wants to scrap like her mumma. You'll have to take some sweet pics of that! :-)

Chrissy xx

Hey, isn't that great that your little girl wants to scrap with you!!! Perfect!!!

I agree with you re Rach. Her los draw you in.

Pooey to the robbers!!! They wouldn't care what the money was to be used for (for you). They just wanted it. Grr, it makes you made, doesn't it?!

Think pink hey? :o) :o)
Gorgeous layout, as always.
Amy x

Gorgeous LO Steph. I totally agree with you about the amazing talent we have here is Australia. There are so many inspirational scrappers here.

Ive has the pleasure of spending some time with Rach, and she is every bit as lovely as she seems. A total dag (in the nicest possible way) so down to earth and just good fun to be around - Not to mention her absolutlely awesome skills as a acrapper!

Dont worry I will be sitting here comiserating with you as the others have a fantastic time at ISC this weekend! Im jelous too!

Nic xx

PS thanks for your lovely comments on my blog. Ive lost all my email addys so I couldnt email you to say thanks personally.

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